Best Music Video by a Northern Ontario Artist

Clarian feat. Jessica Cardinal - "Mirror of the Sun" (Dir: John Alden Milne) (Sudbury)       

Matt Foy - "Outlaw" (Dir: John Alden Milne) (Sudbury) - WINNER                       

Kalle Mattson - "A Love Song to the City" (Dir: Justin Colautti) (Sault Ste. Marie)

          Best Music Video by a Northern Ontario Artist Winner, Matt Foy  (Sudbury).  Photo courtesy of Tracey Sanders Photography.


Best Album by a Solo Artist

The Blazing Elwoods - Don't Sell the Car (Sudbury)

Kalle Mattson - Someday The Moon Will Be Gold (Sault Ste. Marie) - WINNER 

Rose-Erin Stokes - Not Alone (North Bay)

         Best Album by a Solo Northern Ontario Artist Winner, Kalle Mattson  (Sault Ste. Marie). 


Best Album by a Duo or Group

Canucky Bluegrass BoysDirty Ol’ Job (Sudbury)

Frank Deresti and the Lake EffectFrank Deresti and the Lake Effect (Sault Ste. Marie) - WINNER

Quatuor Philip May Quartet Sudbury (Sudbury)

          Best Album by a Northern Ontario Duo or Group Winner, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect  (Sault Ste. Marie).


Best Songwriter

Kalle Mattson - "A Love Song to the City" (Sault Ste. Marie) - WINNER

Murder Murder – "Diana" (Sudbury)

Mimi O'Bonsawin - "Brave" (Sudbury)

          Best Northern Ontario Songwriter Award Winner, Kalle Mattson  (Sault Ste. Marie).


Best Engineer

Dave Angell & Chris Dorota for Shy-Anne Hovorka's Bones (Thunder Bay)

Ben Leggett for Faraway Neigbours' I May Never Find Home (North Bay)

Rusty McCarthy for Britta Wolfert's Moonstone (Sault Ste. Marie) - WINNER

          Best Engineer for Northern Ontario Album Winner, Rusty McCarthy  (Sault Ste. Marie).


Best Vocal Performance on a Recording

Mike Charette - "Revolving Door" (Sudbury) 

Lia - "No Good for Me" (Sudbury)

Rose-Erin Stokes – "Break" (North Bay) - WINNER

           Best Vocal Performance on a Recording by a Northern Ontario Artist Winner, Rose-Erin Stokes  (North Bay).

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