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What's The Deal?: Contracts & Negotiations

FRIDAY, MAY 26: 10:30AM - 11:30AM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Lecture Hall)

The legal side of the entertainment industry may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. A variety of entertainment law and industry members will teach you how to navigate the world of contracts and legal negotiations. The panel will review the components of entertainment and media agreements for artist representation, recording contracts, producer’s agreements, endorsement and marketing agreements, as well as cover important techniques for effective negotiation. Moderated by Thom Ernst (Film Writer/Broadcaster)

Panelists: Byron Pascoe (Edwards Law), Samantha Everts (YouRockRed)


Grassroots Resources for Filmmakers

FRIDAY, MAY 26: 11:30AM - 12:30PM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Lecture Hall)

Like any trade, the art of filmmaking is a skill that needs to be learned, experienced and crafted in order to grow. This panel, featuring professionals from organizations which assist grassroots filmmakers in developing their careers, will inform on resources available for filmmakers, educate on steps for continued growth, and present pitfalls to be wary of when embarking on a film career. Moderated by Holly Cunningham (Near North Mobile Media Lab)

Panelists: Alex Kingsmill (Charles Street Video), Christina Akrong (OAC), Ben Donoghue (MANO/RAMO), Adam Shamoon (DOC Institute)


Syncing Up: The Process of Getting Your Music in Film

FRIDAY, MAY 26: 12:30PM - 1:30PM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Lecture Hall)

With the recent boom in film and television production in Northern Ontario comes new opportunities to fit Northern music into visual entertainment. This panel follows the step-by-step process that artists, music supervisors, and producers take to place music in film TV and video games. It will also feature insight into how a music supervisor goes about choosing and modifying a song to fit their project. Moderated by Andreas Rizek (SOCAN Music)

Panelists: Kyle Merkley (Arpix Media), Emily Haffenden (Aporia Records), Amy Eligh (Red Brick Songs/Casablanca Music Publishing)


Speed Networking: One-on-One Mentoring Sessions

FRIDAY, MAY 26: 1:30PM - 3:30PM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Classroom)

Need advice on finding a label from an entertainment lawyer? How about direction on how to gain project funding directly from the funder? This two-hour session will allow you to get valuable face time with industry delegates in a speed-dating format to make pitches and receive personalized advice on your career.

Panelists: Byron Pascoe (Edwards Law) Christina Akrong (Ontario Arts Council) Adam Shamoon (DOC Institute), Kyle Merkley (ARPIX Media), Angela Fex (FACTOR), Sheila Hamilton (Unison Benevolent Fund), Andreas Rizek (SOCAN), Emily Haffenden (Aporia Records), Ben Donoghue (MANO-RAMO), John Galway (Harold Greenberg Fund)


Music Funding Fundamentals

SATURDAY, MAY 27: 10:30AM - 11:30AM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Lecture Hall)

There is an increasing amount of funding available for music projects through grants and loans, through the application process can be extensive and competitive. This panel will cover Canada’s numerous funding programs for music-related projects and help attendees understand how to create a strong application and stand out from the competition. Moderated by Sam Rayner (CIMA/MusicOntario)

Panelists: Angela Fex (FACTOR), Lia Kyranis (Ontario Music Fund), Samantha Everts (YouRockRed), Mark Watts (Ontario Music Fund)


Mental Health in Entertainment

McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Lecture Hall)

Sixty percent of artists will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives, and addictions issues are common in the industry. Featuring mental health advocates in the industry and mental health professionals, this panel is a frank conversation surrounding these issues and the resources that are in place to assist. Moderated by Thom Ernst (Film Writer/Broadcaster)

Panelists: Sheila Hamilton (Unison Benevolent Fund), Carmen Elle (DIANA), Andréa Desjardins (NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action)


Good Feedback: Song Critique Sessions

SATURDAY, MAY 27: 1:30PM - 3:30PM
McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Classroom)

You put in the hours, the skill and the talent to write and record your music. These sessions provide an opportunity to receive direct feedback on your recorded songs from established music supervisors and publishers. Don’t have a song to pitch? Come listen to others’ critiques and learn about crafting great songs. If you're interested in playing a track for the pros, email your song to and we'll schedule you in. There are limited spots!

Panelists: Kyle Merkley (ARPIX Media), Emily Haffenden (Aporia Records)



Green Screen Workshop (Facilitated by LiFT)

Querney’s Office Plus, 67 Elm Street


This special topics workshop is designed for those interested in practical experience lighting and shooting for green screen, as well as those who wish to explore compositing features in Adobe After Effects. Day one will focus on lighting set-up and shooting test footage, while the second day of the workshop will focus on post-production techniques using After Effects. By the end of the workshops, participants will have comprehensive knowledge of the entire green screen process. This workshop requires registration and is limited to 10 participants so act fast! REGISTER NOW!


Canada’s Music Incubator Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp

McEwen School of Architecture, 85 Elm Street (Boardroom)

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) presents a two-day artist entrepreneur workshop focused on establishing and running a music business, revenue streams and funding development, goal setting, marketing, touring, team building, publishing, licensing and more. This intensive educational experience is limited to 15 artists and will help participants gain the knowledge to kickstart their careers.

40 Larch Street, Suite 103, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5M7 | 705-885-9889 |